• Star of the North


      Celestial white callas and roses A beautiful double ended spray of large white calla lilies and opulent white roses arranged with glossy dark green foliages. A simple, elegant design for a contemporary feel.

    • Highland Dawn


      Scottish style tribute A very popular tribute including lots of thistles, purples and white roses with other seasonal flowers arranged in a double ended spray with complementing foliages.

    • Butterfly Kisses


      Beautiful cascading moth orchids A cascading creation of sophistocated white Phalaenopsis orchids arranged with trailing scented jasmine and some grasses for a wilder finish. This bouquet has a lovely sense of movement when a bride walks with it.

    • Pillow Talk


      Cymbidium cascade A wired teardrop of exotic cymbidium orchids interspersed with…wait for it….pink peppercorns (!) for a spiced up version of a vintage classic. These orchids ooze old world class and will also make for a beautiful round bridesmaids version. A bouquet comprised of only one type of flower like…

    • Garnet Glow


      Callas and berry loops With such a strong shape, calla lilies need little fanfare. Here we have simply embellished their smooth forms with a cage of berry-threaded design grass and utilised some artfully folded leaves to frame the bouquet.

    • Eternal Flame


      A symbolic cross of red roses A beautiful cross comprised of large headed red roses on a mossy bed of soft foliages with rolled rose petal and twisted vine detail. Can also be created in white.

    • Angel Wings


      Calla lilies. Simple. A clean, streamlined look for a contemporary bride. Elegant calla lilies styled in their simplest form with no visible foliage, no bling, no fuss. Just beauty.

    • Sweet Dreams


      A Summer pillow shaped tribute A beautiful cushion of soft Summer blossoms in shades of china blue, lilac and pink. This shape is gaining popularity over the more traditional circular wreath. Our designers can of course substitute colours as you like.

    • Dream Weaving


      A whirling tornado of textures A 3Dimensional wireframe construction looped and circled with felt-like amaranthus, strings of threaded berries and design grass. Feature flowers shown are striking purple phalaenopsis and red rose petals, but this cascading design could easily be created in a fresh white and lime colour palette for…

    • Whiter Shade of Pale


      A compact cluster of grouped white flowers and textured foliages; elegant, classic and long lasting. Pictured; Small size

    • To Boldly Go


      An exploration in complementary colours- how to combine purple with yellow and orange and boldly go where no bouquet has gone before! A fun, funky pop of colour to live long and prosper Pictured; Medium size

    • The Big Smile


      A happy, hippy combo of fresh sunflowers and roses with a just-picked-from-a-meadow vibe, guaranteed to bring a big smile. Pictured; Medium size

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